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;Artillery strategies 1939-1945 КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Almark Publishing Co.Серия: The Mechanics of WarАвтор: Shelford Bidwell,Язык: EnglishГод издания: 1976Количество страниц: ISBN: 0-85524-254-XФормат: pdf Размер: 52,8 mbArtillery strategies by way of Shelford Bidwell in¬troduces The Mechanics of battle, a brand new sequence from Almark.The books supply the reader an perception into how the ancient strategic judgements of the battle turned the strategies of the soldier at the flooring. All photos except for these listed here are from the Imperial battle Museum assortment. RAPIDили IFOLDER zero

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The setting of the latter must be sufficiently high to prevent operation if a secondary terminal fault occurs (thereby maintaining discrimination with low-voltage feeders), but will still provide instantaneous' clearance of high-voltage terminal and winding faults. In practice a setting of 15-20 times the full-load current will be used. Whichever form of overcurrent protection is provided it must be remembered that a low- or medium-voltage system short-circuit must be removed within a certain maximum time if the transformer is not to suffer damage.

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