By L. Funcken, F. Funcken

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Reducing the container ship’s vertical signature from 3000 nT down to 2000 nT at the mine’s explosive damage radius will force the use of Setting #2 instead of #1. If for whatever reason this change in setting is not made, then the ship’s 2000 nT signature will not exceed the mine’s 3000 nT actuation level, and the risk of a catastrophic failure of the entire minefield exists. This argument can be extended to reduced ship signature and mine actuation levels of 1000 nT, 500 nT, and 250 nT as charted in Fig.

Truver, Weapons That Wait, 2nd ed, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1991, pp. 91–93. [13] G. K. Hartmann and S. C. Truver, Weapons That Wait, 2nd ed, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1991, pp. 98–101. [14] S. Connolly and S. Farrow, Mark-48 torpedo war-shot. Naval Sea Systems Command, Washington, DC Sept. 2005, [Online]. htm. [15] G. K. Hartmann and S. C. Truver, Weapons That Wait, 2nd ed, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 1991, pp. 101–102. 1 EVOLUTION OF THE SUBMARINE MAGNETIC DETECTION SYSTEM The development of technologies to detect submarines with active and passive sonar began with World War I, which at the time was named ASDIC after its design organization, the AntiSubmarine Detection Investigation Committee.

Naval platform susceptibility to bottom influence mines has a parabolic dependence on the amount of MCM effort used before the combatant transits the field. 6 shows hypothetical examples of this parabolic relationship for dense, medium-dense, and sparse minefields. ) is used to hunt, sweep, or otherwise dispose of threat mines. It should be noted that after only a few platform-days of MCM effort, the risk of transiting ships in a dense minefield could be virtually unchanged. Although the absolute scales on the axis of the graph and the relative separation between the three curves will depend on the specific scenario, the trends shown in the figure apply to any minefield.

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