By Swati Y Bhave;Sunil Saini

Key good points of the e-book contain are an evidence of the complicated emotion of anger, and of the way anger varies with age team, gender etc.; discussions on targeted anger administration suggestions for people, for relations, and in class and place of work; effortless pointers on gaining knowledge of anger; and lots more and plenty more.

content material: Preface Anger: explanations, Expressions, and kinds a number of results of Anger on humans facing Anger Appendix: Definitions of Anger Index

Anger Management

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This lowers their tolerance and this becomes the cause of anger expression. When things do not go their way, they feel frustrated and hence react. 27 Causes of anger 44 Anger Management EFFECTS OF PHYSICAL HEALTH ON ANGER EXPRESSION Physical health has a direct relationship with anger expression: „ „ „ „ „ Anger is a common result of chronic pain and discomfort in everyday life situation. People with physical illness or discomfort such as headaches, fatigue are frustated with their pain and react in anger.

EMOTIONS AND ANGER ‘Emotional reasoning is one of the important characteristics of emotional development. , 1995).

It is generally seen that girls are socialized to be nice, not to be angry at any cost. Generally, females are expected to be emotional, sensitive, and nurturing in interpersonal relationships, which differentiate them from males in their behaviors. Throughout their development, girls internalize their negative feelings because they are aware that anger expression is likely to result in social rejection and emotional distress. PARENTAL REACTIONS TO ANGER „ „ „ Anger is found to be appropriate for boys than for girls and parents are found to have more acceptance of anger in boys than in girls.

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