By Henry John Roby

Henry John Roby (1830-1915) used to be a Cambridge-educated classicist whose influential profession integrated classes as a schoolmaster, professor of Roman legislation, businessman, academic reformer and Member of Parliament. ordinary Latin Grammar (1862) is a whole, concise advent to the Latin language. Written for school room use, it offers crucial grammatical buildings within the clearest attainable demeanour, utilizing abundant fabric from the classical authors as demonstrations of simple ideas. The booklet publications the reader via noun and adjective declensions and the entire array of verb conjugations prior to turning to prosody and syntax, the place Roby's options in Latin guide are most obvious. easy, direct, and established upon examples together with texts by way of Livy and Cicero, the ebook indicates scholars tips on how to parse uncomplicated sentences whereas additionally introducing them to extra sophisticated and intricate structures. It is still an invaluable source for lecturers of Latin, and a desirable rfile within the heritage of schooling.

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And the same form sometimes occurs in the nom. plural also. POOKTH DECLENSION. § 31. Dat. Sing. Vi is often contracted into u, asequitdtu for equitatui; and this appears to be universal in neuter nouns. Plur. The following nouns have uous instead §32. Dat. Abl. of ibus: acus, a needle. artus, a limh. arcus, a bow. portus, a port. lacus, a lake. partus, a birth. quercus, an oak. tribus, a tribe. cave. u, a spit. § 33. DSmus, a house, is thus declined: Singular. Plural. Nom. domus Nom. domus. Ace.

MASCULINE. Nouns ending in er. Except linter, a boat, which ia feminine. § 42. 2. FEMINISE. All words ending in is and es. Except MASCULINE : amnis, a river. ). axis, an axle. callis, a path. canalis, a canal. ). cassis, a hunter's net. caulis, a stalk. collis, a hill. crinis, hair. ensis, as sword. fascis, a bundle. finis, an end (rarely fem. ). follis, a leather bag. funis, a rope. ignis, fire. ) ghosts. mensis, a month. orbis, a circle. fustis, a cudgel. panis, a loaf of bread. piscis, a fish.

Natalis (sc. dies), birth-day. mSlaris (sc. lapis or dens), grindstone, or grinder-tooth. ptigillares (sc. libri), writing-tablets. COMMON to masc. and fem. corbis, a basket, and clilnis, haunch. § 43. 3. NEWER. Nouns ending in e. * Nouns neuter all end in a, e, ar, w, us, I, c, n, and t: Nouns masculine will all prefer or, os, o (onis), es, ex, er: The rest and io feminine; to these Add parisyllablea in is and es. 2—2 20 Gender of Nouns Substantive. § 44. B. Nouns Imparisyllabic. 1. MASCULINE.

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