By Donald E Teeter

"This ebook bargains with the genuine Holy Grail in doing so it calls into query the entire assumptions of numerous huge sleek religions about the very nature of God."

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You will know when it is ready with the one-drop taste test. When you are sure it’s reached its peak, strain the milk into a glass or cup. Press the pieces in the bowl with a spoon or fork to try and recover as much milk as you can; sip very slowly and enjoy. Preparing the Holy Oil Olive oil and animal fat are both absorbed into the skin. As far as preservability goes, olive oil has an edge over animal fat, especially in warm or hot conditions. Page 41 Amanita Muscaria; Herb of Immortality The active principal of the herb can also be absorbed into the skin; if you gently hold a fresh Amanita Muscaria stem in your hand for about 5 minutes, you will start feeling a light giddiness, the longer the contact, the more intense the effects.

In comparing independent chemical analysis of Amanita Muscaria specimens from Italy, Holland, South Africa, Japan, North America and Siberia no significant differences were found in this fungi’s chemistry. It is interesting to note that the red, orange, and yellow specimens are sometimes indistinguishable from each other when dried, turning to a dull gold color on the cap. Some literature states that there are several different color varieties of Amanita Muscaria, each having its own variety name: as in A.

Closer inspection of these older black specimens with a hand lens revealed that the fuzz was erupting from the body of the mushroom and growing back into the ground; everywhere this fuzz touched the forest floor it had eaten the needles and leaf litter creating a bird nest like depression in the forest floor. Now was this fuzz the actual Amanita Muscaria plant; after all, the specimen is just the fruiting body? I had seen this hairy mold many times before; it appeared on specimens that had been water extracted then left in the jar for a couple of days.

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