By Dana Bell

Air strength shades Vol 3:1945-47

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Heckler and Koch

;Heckler and Koch [Small hands Profile 07] КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор: A. J. R. Cormack Название: Heckler and Koch [Small fingers Profile 07] Издательство:Profile courses Ltd Год: 1972 Формат: pdf,rar+3% Размер: 2. 9MB Язык: английскийСтраниц: 22*2. com zero

Victory through air power

Severskys influence at the improvement of the yank technique of Strategic Bombardment in WWII was once massive. one of many books that made a true switch in heritage. first-class learn.

RF linear accelerators for medical and industrial applications

This specific source bargains a transparent evaluate of clinical and commercial accelerators. utilizing minimum arithmetic, this booklet presents thorough causes of simple thoughts surrounding the operation of accelerators. This functional publication info the producing strategy for generating advertisement accelerators.

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