By Hamid Ouali

This ebook offers a research of varied vital features of Tamazight Berber syntax in the generative culture. >

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Ls "I will give the boys candy" i-waraw to-boys lhalwa candy There have been different proposals as to the structural position of object clitics. Researchers such as Belletti (1993), Uriagereka (1995), and Kayne (2003) (for Romance languages) argue that clitics are D heads. Others such as Sportiche (1992) and (1998), Manzini (1998), and Manzini and Savoia (1999, 2001, 2002) (for Romance) argue that clitics are clitic-heads or Agro heads, as proposed by Progovac 2005 among others (for Slavic). All things being equal, I will argue in detail in Chapter 6, that Berber facts favor the Clitic/Agro heads approach (see Ouali 2005).

The difference between "overt" movement and "covert" movement is captured in terms of feature strength (Chomsky 1995). Subjects move overtly in English because the T head has a strong "D/EPP" feature that attracts a subject whereas AgrO has a weak D-feature therefore the object does not move until LF (in Chomsky 1995). However, Chomsky (1995, chapter 4) dispenseswithAgr projections entirely and argues that subject agreement is a property ofT0• Chomsky writes: Functional categories have a central place in the conception of language we are investigating, primarily because of their presumed role in feature checking, which is what drives Attract/Move.

CP C (Elouazizi 2005: 4) Using empirical evidence from Tarifit Berber, Elouazizi argues for option ( (3)-d) as the representation of verb movement in Berber. " (Tarifit Berber, Elouazizi 2005: 4) Elouazizi rightly argues that examples such as ( 4) with a verb preceding the subject point to the verb being outside the VP domain especially considering the widely accepted VP-internal subject hypothesis (Koopman and Sportiche 1991). This renders option (a) as a possible derivation where the verb is in-situ in Berber basically invalid.

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