By C.B. Anfinsen, M.L. Anson, John T. Edsall, Frederic M. Richards (Eds.)

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On a molecular level the actin strands slide along the myosin chains (Huxley and Niedergerke, 1954; Huxley and Hanson, 1954; Huxley, 1963). This process must be due to the cyclic formation and breaking of weak bonds between the two constituents of the contractile complex. It might well be that ATP is directly or indirectly involved in the latter process, but it remains a fact that, in spite of many hypotheses, a better understanding of the essential role of the nucleotide still has not been achieved.

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B. Other Contractile Systems The analogies in the contractile systems discussed above might easily lead to generalizations as to the reaction mechanisms of all contractile or even motile activities. There exists a considerable number of contractile systems which are based on different principles, in spite of the fact that they also depend for activity on the presence of ATP as well as the bivalent cations Mg++ and Ca++. Contractions of this type are observed in the stalks of Vorticella; the undulating rhythmical motions of flagella and cilia as well as the contractions of the tails of bacteriophages also belong to this alternative type of contractile mechanisms.

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