By Vincenzo Loia (auth.), Elena Mugellini, Piotr S. Szczepaniak, Maria Chiara Pettenati, Maria Sokhn (eds.)

The Atlantic internet Intelligence convention brings jointly scientists, engineers, computing device clients, and scholars to replace and proportion their reviews, new principles, and learn effects approximately all features (theory, functions and instruments) of clever equipment utilized to net established structures, and to debate the sensible demanding situations encountered and the ideas followed. past AWIC occasions have been held in Spain – 2003, Mexico – 2004, Poland – 2005, Israel – 2006, France – 2007 and Czech Rep. – 2009.

The current seventh Atlantic internet Intelligence convention (AWIC’2011) was once held in the course of January 26-28, 2011, on the college of technologies of Fribourg, Switzerland. AWIC2011 is equipped via the Multimedia details procedure workforce (MISG), Institute of the applied sciences of data and verbal exchange (iTIC) of the collage of technologies of Fribourg.

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The rating made by user u on item i is given by ru,i = k, where k ∈ K, the set of possible rating values. ru = k states that the user u rates any item with value k. The set of items for which user u has made a rating is given by Iu , and the set of users who have made a rating on item i is given by Ui . Finally we define the set of items for which two users u and u have both provided a rating to be Iu,u = Iu ∩ Iu . 4 Bayesian Recommendation Bayes’ theorem is a simple probabilistic technique that allows us to update our beliefs about the likelihood of an event occurring given the evidence.

Hence, there is a strong need to address the issue of handling queries over heterogeneous and distributed data. The structural and semantic heterogeneity of data makes the development of custom solutions for querying a time-consuming and complex task. In this paper we propose a query engine system, Virtual-Q. The system is based on data semantic categorization concept which assigns levels of importance according to the semantic level of the data sources. This approach is referred in our paper as the ontology-based approach.

Xlive: An xml light integration virtual engine. In: Demonstration at the 21eme Conference on Bases de Donnees Avances (BDA) Conference, Saint-Malo (2005) 5. : A query based approach for integrating heterogeneous data sources. In: 9th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, pp. 453–460. ACM, New York (2000) 6. : The tsimmis project Integration of heterogeneous information sources. In: IPSJ Conference, Tokyo, pp. 7–18 (1994) 7. : Concept-based querying in mediator systems.

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