By Dennis Estes, Leonard M. Adleman, Kireeti Kompella, Kevin S. McCurley, Gary L. Miller (auth.), Hugh C. Williams (eds.)

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Once a key is found the active eavesdropper modifies the message as he wants. Remark that the above attack is valid for all modes as long as the key, used to protect the privacy, is the same as the key, used t o protect the authenticity, even if that key is modified frequently! Also, for several non-standard implementations of the DES such a n attack is possible. g. the first message is encrypted using key Kl, the second with K2 and SO on). Indeed because the attack is even in limit (z -t 0) still valid.

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2, February 1978, pp. 120-126. AN ATTACK ON A SIGNATURE SCHEME I PROPOSED BY OKAMOTO AND SHIRAISHI Ernest F. Brickell Bell Communications Research Morristown. NJ 07960 and John M. DeLaurentis Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, NM 87185 Abstract Recently Okamoto and Shiraishi proposed a public key authentication system [l]. The security of the scheme is based on the diffi- culty of solvlng quadratic inequalities. This new system is interesting since the amount of computing needed for the proposed scheme is significantly less than that needed for an RSA encryption.

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