By Nan Jiang

This booklet is a set of thirteen empirical reports studying the purchase and processing of chinese language as a moment language. at the acquisition entrance, those reviews discover the purchase of constructions similar to the perfective marker le, wh-questions, bei- buildings, and naked nouns, and view the criteria that can impact acquisition corresponding to newbies' history, anxiousness, and guideline. Processing reviews hide themes similar to the id of chinese language tones, the popularity of characters, the processing of compounds and relative clauses, and the expression of movement occasions. lots of those reviews characterize pioneering and state-of-the-art learn on their respective issues, and all can be of curiosity to scholars and students who're drawn to the examine of acquisition and processing of chinese language as a moment language.

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First, the two intact classes were taught by two teachers, which may create a possible teacher effect. Second, the current study did not use delayed posttest due to limited time in the first semester Chinese class. Future research should investigate the long-term effect of corrective feedback strategies. Lastly, a possible confounding variable, individual difference, was not considered in this study. Further research is needed to identify the mediating effects of individual differences, such as language aptitude, motivation and anxiety (Sheen, 2011), on the effectiveness of CF strategies.

History and Types of CF Error correction has a long and controversial history in the fields of second language acquisition and language teaching. As first and second language acquisition theories have evolved, views on the nature of language learning and the treatment of errors have changed. In the 1950s and 1960s, behaviorists viewed language learning as habit formation, so errors were damaging and should be eradicated immediately. From the late 1950s to 1980s, nativists argued the existence of an innate language acquisition device (LAD) in human brains.

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