By Stanley E. Wentworth (auth.), K. W. Allen (eds.)

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Knowledge, Data and Computer-Assisted Decisions

This quantity includes revised models of papers provided on the NATO complicated study Workshop on information, professional wisdom and judgements held in Hamburg in September 1989. the amount is meant to stimulate cross-disciplinary learn pertaining to - utilization of lately constructed information research systems in wisdom dependent platforms, - acquisition, illustration and administration of specialist wisdom for particular purposes, - construction of professional structures in economics and similar components of study.

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This quantity includes invited talks and contributed papers provided on the NATO complicated examine Institute "The put up Recombination Universe" which used to be held in Cambridge in the summertime of 1987. There have, in recent times, been a number of conferences dedicated to difficulties in observational cosmology. the eye given displays the fascinating fee of de­ velopment of the topic, and a survey of the court cases from those symposia unearths good deal of emphasis has been given to attention of the very early universe at the one hand, and to massive scale constitution within the universe at present epoch at the different.

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Why Efforts to extend the which means of "Teratogen" Are Unacceptable confrontation approximately nomenclature in teratology isn't really new. Dissent even in regards to the very textile of the discipline-what congenital malformations consist of-has usually been voiced. Time, rather than resolving such diffi­ culties, has occasionally worsened them.

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Linked to this deformation is an energy dissipation in the bulk of the polymerie phase, wh ich generally far exceeds Wo. Nevertheless, as Wo, increases, so does the deformation and thus the dissipation. Therefore, although lity between them. W~Wo' there does exist a proportiona- The factor relating them is a function of both strain rate and temperature [2-4] and involves the weIl known principle of time-temperature superposition developed by Williams, Landel and Ferry [5] (WLF). This dissipation process explains matters at finite separation rates.

To be Pub1ished 1988. 11. , These de Doetorat d'Etat, Mai 1980. 11 21. 91 21. 83 21. m-2) at 20°C and'6'D/orat io. 99 see reference 11. m- 2 1 at 20°C and i '/~ ratio. m- 2 ) . 42 11. R. Shanahan,* P. Schreck, J. Schultz Centre de Recherches sur la Physico-Chimie des Surfaces Solides and Ecole Nationale Superieure de Chimie de Mulhouse, 3, rue Alfred Werner, 68093 Nulhouse Cedex, FRANCE 1. INTRODUCTION Consider two optically flat solids put into intimate Cmolecular) contact. In the absence of interfacial chemical bonding, the forces of adhesion between them should be limited to those of a physicaI, or van der Waals, nature and, as a consequence, we would expect to be able to calculate the reversible work of adhesion, Wo, from Dupre's equation: 1 where((1 and (( 2 are the free surface energies of the materials in contact and ~ 12 represents their common interfacial free energy.

Interact also b for the liquids having forces a non- are both N-aliphatic primary alcohols hydrogen bonding. This is obviously not the case with n-alkanes for which the surface energy results only from dispersive interactions. For polar or hydrogen bonded liquids of type 11 and 111, the dispersive character increases with chain length. of the ratio 1D/, are given dispersi ve in the (t D being the dispersive component of ~ ) Tables A-2 and A-3. liquid, ~ D/ 7f is equal to 1. weight compounds of same chain length structure 11 dependence conclusion is supported The values by as the a totally Thus, high molecular and 111 tend to aliphatic fact For that have the alkanes.

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