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3. 44 (21–26) years. The experimental groups did not significantly differ with regard to age, body mass index, or other relevant cardiovascular characteristics. Figures 4 and 5 show the changes observed in the RIDVP and SIDVP indices between the pre- and post-acupuncture periods. In healthy subjects, manual stimulation of the right Knee auricular acupoint significantly reduced the RIDVP (Figure 4) and manual stimulation of the left Knee auricular acupoint significantly increased the SIDVP index (Figure 5), when comparing the pre- vs.

Japan). The muscle blood volume was measured by placing the light source and the detector 40 mm apart and the middle point between the light source and the detector of the right shoulder was used as the stimulation point. Measurements began with a 3-min rest period, followed by “Jakutaku” acupuncture stimulation without provoking the de-qi sensation for 2 min, and recovery after stimulation. After 15 minutes, isometric contraction of the trapezius was carried out for 20 seconds, and the change was measured during the following 5 minutes.

In general, heat syndromes of the excess type will occur in cases of the excess of Yang; cold syndromes of the excess type will occur in case of the predominance of Yin; cold syndromes of the deficiency type will occur in cases of the insufficiency of Yang, and heat syndromes of the deficiency type in cases of the deficiency of Yin. 4 Conflict between anti-pathogenic Qi and pathogenic Qi The imbalance between the anti-pathogenic Qi and the pathogenic Qi refers to the struggle between the resistance powers of the body and any of the pathogenic factors.

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