By Yair Ben-Dov

A scientific Catalogue of Soft-Scale bugs is a synthesis and catalogue of all of the details released on 8 households of scale bugs (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) around the world from 1758 to the current. information is supplied on their right clinical names, universal names, synonyms, taxonomy, host crops, distribution, usual enemies, biology, and financial value. This e-book might be a necessary compendium of organic and systematic info for zoologists, entomologists, crop defense experts, quarantine officials, scholars learning entomology and similar disciplines, and others who require information regarding scale bugs for examine and keep watch over tasks. households covered:* Aclerdidae - fifty seven species in five genera* Asterolecaniidae - 229 species in 21 genera* Beesoniidae - 15 species in 6 genera* Carayonemidae - four species in four genera* Conchaspididae - 29 species in four genera* Dactylopiidae - 10 species in 1 genus* Kerriidae - ninety seven species in nine genera* Lecanodiaspididae - eighty two species in 12 genera

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Read Online or Download A Systematic Catalogue of Eight Scale Insect Families (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) of the World: Aclerdidae, Asterolecaniidae, Beesoniidae, Carayonemidae, Conchaspididae, ... Kerriidae and Lecanodiaspididae PDF

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20 pp. E. 1953. List of Sugar-cane Insects. London: Commonwealth Institute of Entomology. 101 pp. K. 1920a. The Coccidae of South Africa - V. Bulletin of Entomological Research 11: 1-41. [Brain1920a] Buffa, P. 1897. Sopra una cocciniglia nouva. Rivista di Patologia Vegetale. Firenze 6: 135-160. N. 1960. Coccid fauna of western Kopet-Dagh. Trudy Akademii Nauk SSR Zoologicheskogo Instituta. St. Petersburg 27: 167-182. A. 1896h. Preliminary diagnoses of new Coccidae. Psyche, Supplement 7: 18-21. A.

KEYS: McConnell 1954: 26 (female) [Aclerda species, World]. CITATIONS: Ali1970a [taxonomy: 132-133]; McConn1954 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 94-95, 97]. Aclerda texana McConnell Aclerda texana McConnell, 1954: 97. : Arizona, Sonoita, on Muhlenbergia montana. Holotype female. S. National Museum of Natural History, District of Columbia, USA. HOST PLANTS: Gramineae: Muhlenbergia montana [McConn1954, Ferris1955a]. DISTRIBUTION: Nearctic: Mexico [Ferris1955a]; United States of America (Arizona [McConn1954], Texas [Ferris1955a]).

HOST PLANTS: Orchidaceae [McConn1954]. DISTRIBUTION: Oriental: Philippines [McConn1954]. GENERAL: Description and illustration of adult female by McConnell (1954). KEYS: McConnell 1954: 27 (female) [Aclerda species, World]. CITATIONS: Ali1970a [taxonomy: 132]; McConn1954 [taxonomy, description, illustration, host, distribution: 72-73, 75]. ACLERDIDAE CATALOGUE 13 Aclerda panica Hall Aclerda panici Hall, 1926a: 12. Type data: EGYPT: Between the 4th and 5th Towers on the Suez Road, on Panicum turgidum.

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