By Gabriel Barkay, Alexander Fantalkin, Oren Tal

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Children's home 143 -Q what G Ne, no, J xud-ash soderjat self-3SG support A children's home? me-kun-ad, oylik-ash. IMP-do-3SG salary-3sG Yagon kas ka/on kadagi-mi? PTPL-Q G Ne, xud-ash. PTPL that vay? kadagi budas. like this that Odam-o-ya kadagi budas. 3SG laugh Oh how did he grow up himself? He has supported himself (INF). 3SG-LOC A Did someone raise him? soderjat Anamto' No, he supports himself with ills salary. No, himself. INTJ self-3SG what sort G Xud-ash 49 kadagi budas. 3SG person-PL kimcho.

Hmm. INTJ kati chito' G Man attestat I certificate 108 with how J me-ro'm bank? lSG bank To'g'ri. How do I get into a bank with a certificate? Right. right Na-me-sho'd. It won't happen. 3SG Ne. No. no G Dip/om shudan-ash darkor. INF-3SG necessary Mayli vay well that IMP-do-ISG Vay karda [The qualification] must be a diploma. me-kun-am. ] Well, fine, I'll do what-d'ye-call-it. GER then personal talk necessary no me-go 't-da. 3SG-SFP A to man hamin otherwise 109 J Bo yak sol this very kor sol raftani bud-am.

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