By B. E. Clarity, Ronald G. Wolfe, Karl Stowasser

This dictionary for English audio system includes the elemental Iraqi dialect. The utilization is basically that of Muslim audio system from Baghdad, yet a few southern Iraqi utilization can also be integrated.

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30 words).

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Org Across 3 will writhe 5 had disagreed, had diverged 11 to thresh, thresh 12 would violate 13 will equalize 15 had interacted 20 would adulate 21 will activate, will motivate 22 would expel 25 to overthrow, to turn, overthrow 26 will emulate 27 would adduce 28 had restrained 29 would testify Down 1 had elevated 2 had adored 4 to portray, portray 5 would scatter, would shed 6 would stoke 7 had pampered, had befriended 8 had threshed 9 would appraise, would estimate 10 had cauterized, had etched, had seared 14 will carve, will embroider 16 had published, had disclosed 17 had flitted, had hovered 18 would acquiesce, would admit, would afford 19 would refine 23 would accrue, would grow 24 will descry, will perceive Solutions: adularias, aduzirias, afugentarias, ajuizaríamos, apurariam, aqueceríamos, aquiesceria, avultaria, causaremos, cauterizáreis, despejarias, divergiras, divisarão, divulgáramos, emularei, entraváreis, estrebucharei, esvoaçáramos, favorecêramos, igualarei, interagiras, lavrará, levantara, retratar, reverenciara, revirar, sovar, sováramos, testificaríamos, ultrajaríeis.

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