By Ernest Klein

A transparent and concise paintings at the origins of the Hebrew phrases and their experience improvement. all the c. 32,000 entries is first given in its Hebrew shape, then translated into English and analysed etymologically, utilizing Latin transcription for all non-Latin scripts. An crucial resource of biblical, Jewish, smooth Hebrew and close to japanese experiences.

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In all cases, a proper name lS lnvolved. ' tham haJ-sed koon dll • 'It would be good to get lt done rlrst' khun kholJ , capa J dua J I la t . 'I guess Khong lS gOlng along. ' khun kholJ capaJ duaJ: la t . 3. 3 • 1. Samag~ go~' Sub-lexemlc Morphemes Pre rlxe s Sub-lexemlc prerlxes are qUlte rare In ST, and all eXlstlng ones are non-productlve. ' The rlrst two allomorphs always occur wlth short syllable-duratlon, and are In rree varlatlon berore most bases. The thlrd allomorph /balJ/ usually has short-syllable duratlon (never more than medlum-short) and lS restrlcted to bases beglnnlng wlth /k/ and /kh/.

1 fLet's go home. 1 Phonem1C: I'klab paJ- 'baan Morphophonem1c: Iklab p~J-baan . / Phonem1c: l'saJ khaw-paJ-naJ-kra'paw 'Went back home. 1 'Put 1t 1nto h1S pocket. ' Morphophonem1cI IsaJ khaw-paJ-naJ-krapaw . / 31 4) All syllables wlth short duratlon have weak stress. ): Phonemlc: /'tad 'pham/ 'Cut halr. ' Phonemlc: /'tad pham/ 'Cut me. Morphophonemlc, for both. , end) are now re-wrltten morphophonemlcally. 4 Clause Morphophonemlcs Deslrable modlflcatlons In the notatlon of clause lntonatlons and Junctures, and also certaln slmpllflcatlons of predlctable features In the clause context, requlre the statement of the followlng rules.

The rhythmlc morpheme / : / lS present, hence the space between /AI and IBI lS an lnstance of morpheme 4). /A-B e/ - Sub-lexemlC or low-order syntactlc cut between /A/ and /B/, hence flrst cut after IBI. The flrst two morphemes /A-B/ are constltuents of a compound verb lexeme of somewhat more formal meanlng than IA/ by ltself. The rhythmlc morpheme 1-/ lS present, hence the space between IB/ and /e/ lS an allomorph of morpheme 3) above. /A-BI el - Sub-lexemlc or low-order syntactlc cut between /A/ and /B/, maJor cut after IB/.

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