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Lesch identified many moderate political figures among the deported. Israel claimed only terrorists and their supporters had been forced to leave. 16 Among those deported was Hanna Nasir, president of Bir Zeit University and the mayors Fahd Qawasmi of Hebron and Mo­ hammed Milhem of Halhul. The mayors, deported in May 1980, were widely regarded as political moderates and had regularly met with Israeli doves. They limited their aspirations to support of a Palestinian state side by side with Israel.

Israel claims that these areas are not enemy territory because in its view Jordan's prior control of the territories was illegal. International legal opinion has supported the view that the Geneva Convention rules should apply to the residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip because the peoples of these territories are, in fact, "in the hands of an occupying power of which they are not nationals" (from the Convention Commentary). Israel has announced that in spite of the Geneva Convention's inapplicability, it will abide by the humanitarian provisions of the Convention.

They form different proportions of the populations in their host lands, ranging from 60 percent in Jordan to below 1 percent in Iraq, so that the importance of their political and social roles varies. Although the Palestinians share Arabic as a common language and Islam as a common religion (except in Lebanon, where there is a large Christian minority), in the various societies in which they reside they have established very differ­ ent forms of social and political organization and have set up different means of receiving or integrating the Palestinian inhabitants.

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