By James Wynbrandt

A major best friend within the heart East, Saudi Arabia is a mysterious land to so much american citizens, who may possibly realize it in basic terms because the position the place Islam originated and Islamic fundamentalism is a robust strength. in recent times, the connection among the governments of the us and Saudi Arabia has come below expanding strain, and one of the basic public within the usa there's a want and hope for a better figuring out of this state. A language barrier and the closed nature of the Saudi Arabian society have performed little to ask or ease open inquiry to all yet expert lecturers and linguists. a quick heritage of Saudi Arabia redresses the shortcoming of compatible references to this certain and significant nation and gives a balanced, proficient standpoint on its lengthy background. This readable and accomplished assessment of the historical past of Saudi Arabia areas the political, financial, and cultural occasions of this present day right into a huge historic context. It presents a concise but thorough account of the genesis of Saudi Arabia, from the geology of its land mass and its cost in prehistoric occasions via contemporary occasions that experience reminded the realm of Saudi Arabia's strategic value to glob

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The Sicilian historian Diodorus Siculus wrote in his Bibliotheca Historica, “While there are many Arabian tribes who 13 A BRIEF HISTORY OF SAUDI ARABIA use the desert as pasture, the Nabataeans far surpass the others in wealth although they are not much more than ten thousand in number. 94). , Nabataea remained independent. C. C. and ordered the Nabataeans to withdraw. Two years later, General Pompey sent a force to attack Petra, but the city remained independent. Whether this outcome was gained through military victory or tribute payment is unclear.

It was shortly after this that Muhammad reported to his followers of a miraculous journey he experienced one night. This has become one of the most well known and theologically important episodes of his life, known as his Night Journey (Isra) and referred to in the Quran (17:1). The account is accepted by many as having been embellished and altered from its original retelling. But as tradition relates, Muhammad reported that while asleep the previous night, the angel Gabriel had taken him, astride a winged horselike animal named Buraq, to Jerusalem, where he met Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Adam, Joseph, and other biblical figures.

The powerful crushed the weak. It was a time when brutality was taken for humanity, cruelty received approval, the bloodthirsty were exalted, bloodshed considered a virtue, adultery and fornication were more common than legal marriages. Family structure had been destroyed. Yet within some 20 years after Muhammad first proclaimed his message, almost the entire peninsula would be united in its dedication to one God, and Arabia would launch an empire that would transform the world. 23 2 The Birth of Islam (571–632) A t the dawn of the seventh century, Arabia’s fortunes were in decline.

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