By Nicki Koziarz

Have you gotten to where the place you simply couldn’t take it anymore?

Dreams. courses. Jobs. Relationships. there are such a lot of various components the place we suppose like calling it quits.

It’s time for a good dialog on how to not provide in to the temptation to renounce.

Nicki Koziarz is a girl who has thrown within the towel a time or . in reality, she’s hand over almost about every thing in her existence. yet with God’s aid, she’s stumbled on a number of conduct that experience helped her and others overcome the alternative to hand over.

5 behavior of a lady Who Doesn’t surrender will help you:

Evaluate the interior own struggles that make you must give up.
Cultivate constant behavior that can assist you development towards your pursuits.
Receive a clean dose of viewpoint from the Bible to help you advance perseverance.

You are usually not made to surrender! subscribe to Nicki as she identifies 5 conduct that will help you preserve going it doesn't matter what struggles may well come your method.

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The next question was how to go about it. They had to seek the mind of God on the matter. One of the servants of the king of Israel told Jehoshaphat about Elisha who had the word of the Lord. Jehoshaphat, Jehoram, and the king of Edom therefore traveled to see Elisha, the prophet. And Elisha said unto the King of Israel, What have I to do with thee? get thee to the prophets of thy father, and to the prophets of thy mother.... As the LORD of hosts liveth, before whom I stand, surely, were it not that I regard the presence of Jehoshaphat the king of Judah, I would not look toward thee, nor see thee.

A principle needs to be underscored here. If the river dried up over here, then you must go over there. If you are going through a dry time in your life, then you must find water. If you do not find some water, you will be like those animals that died without water. I am conscious of the fact that I need some water every hour of the day. I am not in need of someone who would beat me over the head with the Word just to make me feel bad, but I do need someone who can tell me that I can make it. I need someone to tell me that God is my deliverer, that He is my Joy in the midst of sorrow, that He is my Healer, the One Who makes a way where there seems to be none.

Like the children of Israel, we tend to become arrogant, prideful, and forget the fact that we must fully acknowledge God in times of prosperity and adversity. Jehoram was pretty smart, and he knew something about God. Realizing that he did not have a sound relationship with the Lord, he courted the friendship of one who did. " Jehoshaphat replied, "If you are going to war, I will go with you. My people are your people. " The next question was how to go about it. They had to seek the mind of God on the matter.

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