By Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beriya and Rodion Yacovlevich Malinovskiy

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That musician, appreciated among other things for his numerous appearances on Polish radio, had the good fortune to die at the right moment and so elude the ghetto and its torments. But this fate befell his sisters. I remember what they looked like: they wore black and very much resembled one another, to me they appeared old, although they were probably not past middle age. I never exchanged even a word with them; they kept to themselves and didn’t initiate contact with their housemates. I associate them with stillness and silence.

I did not ask him about the details, nor can I be certain that he had preserved them in his memory. Like many among the fortunate who survived the war, he avoided recollections, most likely suppressing them. Perhaps this was one of the conditions of returning to an ordinary, banal daily life, in which even serious problems were of a human dimension. It was not a simple task to realize this objective—to get from one part of the city to the other—which, to those locked behind the walls, appeared the domain of freedom and normality despite the fact that it, too, was under occupation and terrible things happened there.

It was already dark when we met. I don’t remember where it took place, yet Kryszta-l himself has stayed in my memory. He was not very tall, with hair entirely gray and a closely trimmed beard. For a long time my father discussed something with him, I listened to their conversation in a state of tension, as I came to understand what the important thing was over which they were bargaining. They must have agreed on some particulars—the Getting Out 43 day and place where we were to appear immediately after the curfew—and negotiated the size of the payment.

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